Site Access Control Bollards

Whatever the nature of your site is, be it commercial, residential, financial or governmental, you’ll need some sort of restriction barriers to control access to the property. Without some sort of site access control bollard system in place, unauthorized traffic could enter your site, potentially even causing costly damages. Access bollards can also prevent harmful ram-raiding accidents on your site. By installing bollards on your site, whether they are collapsible or permanent, you’ll effectively control access, preserving your property from any costly and destructive impacts.

Protecting Your Property

For your site access control, you may want to choose a collapsible bollard. Collapsible bollards give you increased control over the level of vehicular access to your site.  This barrier model ensures the same level of protection as removable or permanent bollards, but allows for manual movement when necessary. When erect, these bollards can prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the property, but when collapsed, allow authorized access. If you need to block access to a particular area of your property permanently, fixed bollards may better suit your needs. These bollards can create effective impact barriers for long-term restriction.

Heavy-Duty Bollards

To guard access to your site, you’ll need bollards designed for simplified installation while still providing forceful security. After you’ve installed your collapsible, removable and permanent bollards, you can easily access them, yet they still accommodate your protection needs.

You’ll also need a system of bollards that are built to last. Coated in a rust and corrosion resistant primer, our bollards can also defy harsh weather conditions and contaminants, like snow, ice and dirt. You need a bollard that can withstand outside tampering and environmental conditions, and when you choose TrafficGuard’s barrier posts for impact protection, you’ll get just that.

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