Sign Post Bollards

Alerting drivers of relevant information regarding where they should park is easy to do by simply installing signpost bollards. Signs are very easy to add to any bollard, and can point out where one can and cannot park, as well as other restrictions, such as handicapped parking or time-limit spaces. Using parking lot signposts helps businesses and building managers protect their parking lots and control access to certain spaces.

Maintain Control of Traffic

Mount bollards in parking lots and other areas where traffic control is essential for maintaining order. Installing bollards with signposts in them is an easy and effective way of conveying a message to the people driving through a space. Signposts indicate if there are any limitations to particular parking zones (for instance, handicapped parking or spaces with time limits), and they also help provide safety measures that aim to keep pedestrians and vehicle traffic separate. These types of barriers are perfect for areas that need permanent control, as well as places that only have temporary parking restrictions. No matter what signage needs to convey, it’s more visible when posted as a signpost bollard, simply due to how visible these bollards are.

Protect Pedestrian Safety

Signpost bollards also provide the benefit of helping to protect pedestrians. Walkway bollards on their own are highly visible and are made even more so when a sign is installed in them. Even if drivers do not read the signs and instead simply try to bypass the bollards, the bollards work to prevent their vehicles from gaining access. When these bollards are installed between pedestrian walkways and parking areas, they can be especially helpful for boosting pedestrian safety.

Highly Durable and Effective Solutions

TrafficGuard offers a variety of different bollard options, including locking and non-locking models, removable and permanent options, all available in a variety of sizes. We also offer collapsible bollards, ideal for vehicle access control—particularly emergency vehicles. For a variety of choices when it comes to durable, effective traffic control solutions such as signpost bollards, you’ll love what we have to offer. Our bollards are not only very durable, but require little maintenance. Call today for more information.

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