Road Construction Bollards

During construction projects on your roads, you’ll need some kind of safety post that can effectively protect your area from any impact. A road construction bollard can provide the overt hindrance, successfully keeping any outside traffic from entering. Learn more about these temporary bollard styles.

Protection When You Need It

Your road construction won’t last forever, but you’ll still need a security measure during the times you are completing any structural or aesthetic changes to your streets. With removable road construction bollards, you can adequately control traffic and access to particular areas when necessary. During times that you want to allow vehicular access, you can simply remove the temporary bollard, creating a safe, flush surface that vehicles can drive over. Collapsible bollards can also be an ideal choice as a temporary safety barricade. When not in use, you can fold these temporary bollards down for a safe driving surface. Sometimes you’ll need construction trucks to pass through your road. With either temporary bollard style, you have full control over who can access your roads at particular times.

Powerful Visual Deterrence

During road construction, you need to guard specific areas from any kind of vehicular access. If someone operating a vehicle doesn’t see a warning or is driving recklessly, the results could be catastrophic: damaged work, increased delays and even fatal injuries. To prevent any type of accidental or intentional destruction, you’ll need some kind of safety post that provides visual deterrence to all incoming traffic. By choosing a removable or a collapsible bollard from TrafficGuard, you can block oncoming traffic from a construction area easily and effectively. We coat all of our bollards in a bold yellow finish and 3M reflective tape, so cars can easily identify which areas are restricted. With our temporary bollard posts, your construction area can remain safe.

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