Research Laboratory Anti-Ram Bollards

Within research labs, where important work is being studied and completed, security systems are often installed to ensure the safety indoors. Outdoors, however, there needs to be security set up as well, and often this can be done by installing building protection bollards. Anti-ram barriers for research labs provide effective security for the property and help offer peace of mind and safety to the people working inside. No matter what’s being studied, everyone deserves to feel safe when they’re at work.

Secure Buildings from Damage and Theft

Research laboratories, regardless of what they are researching, typically house expensive equipment, expansive libraries, and state of the art computers. All of the supplies necessary to run a successful lab are valuable, and so it’s important to protect them from theft and damage.

Why You Need Ram Security Posts.

If a vehicle, either on accident or on purpose, slams into the building housing all of the equipment and damages things, not only is there downtime while waiting for the building and the equipment to be repaired, but there is also the potential of information and projects—time—lost. Protecting against this type of loss can be as simple as installing anti-ram bollards, which work to prevent the possibility of a vehicle gaining access to a building by crashing into it.

Bollard Posts Protect Employees

In addition to helping prevent vehicles from crashing into buildings, anti-ram bollards offer the employees within the lab an extra level of protection. People should be able to feel safe at their jobs, and if there’s no exterior security implemented, there’s still a threat of someone crashing a vehicle into the building to gain access. Installing bollards is an easy way to help those employees feel safer, as anti-ram barriers serve to help resist forced entry via a collision.

Choose from a Variety of Models

At TrafficGuard Direct, many options of bollards are available to help meet the needs of virtually any space. When you want the security to be a permanent fixture, choose embedded bollards that are fixed in place. If you’d prefer more flexible options, removable bollards may be a better choice. When you’re using removable bollards, you’ll have the option to choose between locking and non-locking models. No matter what level of security your location requires, you’ll find just what you need in TrafficGuard’s inventory. *TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)