Railroad Safety Bollard

The areas around railroads constantly have traffic coming and going. To provide protection to drivers, train conductors and pedestrians, you can install railroad safety barricades for superior safety around the perimeter of your railroads.

Necessary Protection

Railroads can be dangerous areas. With trains moving at high speeds and cars constantly coming and going, the area is susceptible to accidents.  While train gates are important, sometimes you need more protection. Perhaps you are remodeling the area around the train or you simply do not want cars to pass through, temporarily or permanently. Whatever the reason, safety bollards can adequately prevent unwanted oncoming traffic near railroads.

Choosing Your Bollard

You will need to determine which type of bollard you require depending on the length you will need to barricade off your railroad. For permanent restriction to your railroad, you’ll need a fixed railroad safety barricade. If you are performing temporary construction near your railroad, a removable or collapsible safety bollard could work best. You can easily lift or fold down these bollards, respectively, creating a safe surface to drive over when not in use. If you need to block off a railroad

Exceptional Strength

If a car did happen to strike a train on the tracks, injuries could ensue. To prevent any kind of destruction, you’ll need a bollard post that has the strength and durability to barricade any oncoming traffic effectively. TrafficGuard’s line of permanent and removable bollards are all constructed from Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305) compliant stainless steel and can provide your tracks with secure safeguarding from even the harshest impacts. To ensure all of our bollards provide the strong visual deterrence you need, we coat them in a bold yellow finish and 3M reflective tape. When you install railroad safety bollards, you can keep drivers and passengers of trains and cars safe from accidental collisions.