Pier Bollards

Whether your pier is for fishing, docking boats or simply sitting and relaxing, it needs to be properly protected. The traditional wooden structure of many piers leaves them vulnerable to damage and destruction, but with the proper safety measures, you can better ensure that yours is protected from vehicular damage. One of the best ways to do this is to install pier bollards around your structure, preventing motor vehicles from getting too close and causing critical damage.

Restricting Access with Pier Bollards

Old or wooden piers were not necessarily built to support the weight of a motor vehicle, so it’s important to prevent vehicles from driving onto yours—otherwise, it could collapse. Even if your pier doesn’t seem like it’s at risk for vehicles driving onto it, a driver who loses control or a vehicle that experiences a mechanical failure could unexpectedly cause significant damage. Installing pier bollards around the entrance to your pier stops moving vehicles, whether or not they are intentionally attempting to drive onto the pier. In addition to being stronger than many gates and fences, pier bollards also have the benefit of not restricting pedestrian access, so your pier remains welcoming to anyone on two feet.

Preventing Damage to the Support Structure

Depending on its height, your pier may need protection not just at its entrance, but at the base of its support structure, as well. Elevated piers are built atop tall beams, and if a motor vehicle driving underneath the pier hits one of those beams, it can cause expensive and dangerous structural damage.

You can prevent this from happening by installing reinforced pier bollards around the base of your pier, so that motor vehicles are unable to hit it from underneath.

Using Removable or Collapsible Pier Bollards

If your pier can accommodate motor vehicles but you want to restrict access, removable or collapsible pier bollards are your best option. These pier protection barriers lock upright in place, but can be either folded down or completely removed for periodic access. This enables you to allow authorized vehicles onto your pier while keeping others at a safe distance.

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