Outdoor Seating Protection

Patio and outdoor seating is one of the perks of nice weather, particularly if you enjoy dining out. Because it’s so popular, it’s important to ensure your business or park’s outdoor seating area is protected from vehicle traffic so that patrons can feel safe. Using pedestrian safety bollards from TrafficGuard, Inc is a perfect solution for maintaining safety and protecting your building as well as its outdoor seating section. Bollards provide a highly visible, impact-resistant solution for limiting vehicular access.

Maintain Pedestrian and Visitor Safety

Outdoor seating is seen as a benefit for many places, particularly restaurants. People enjoy sitting outside when the weather is nice, and outdoor seating also provides people options for things like taking a break at work. In any outdoor seating situation, it’s important to make sure that those taking advantage of the area are still protected from vehicle traffic that may exist nearby—for instance, in an adjacent parking lot. Installing pedestrian safety bollards, which work as traffic control devices, is one way of doing just that. Outdoor seating protection posts are impact resistant, which means that if a car accidentally hits one, the bollard can help mitigate damage as it helps to slow down the vehicle.

Protect Property from Damage

In addition to protecting people who are utilizing the outdoor seating options, bollards protecting these spaces can also help prevent property damage. When the spaces are not being used, the accommodations—things like tables and chairs—are still set up waiting for people to use them. If a vehicle were to pass through and had no way of stopping, bollards can help do so. If bollards are not being used, vehicles may be able to cause a significant amount of damage, which can lead to the outdoor seating areas being taken away due to the property managers being unable to afford repairs.

A Variety of Options

TrafficGuard offers customers a variety of different options for outdoor seating security where protection from vehicle traffic is needed. Removable and permanent options help make the choice easier—will the protection ever be unnecessary? If so, removable bollards are ideal. Locking and non-locking options are also available, for another dose of security. Our bollards are available in a number of different sizes, as well, so you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your location.

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