Marine Bollards

Without any type of security in place, docks, shipyards and piers can all be dangerous places. Unauthorized access by motor vehicles poses a threat to the pier, the boats docked there, the people who use it and even the people operating the unauthorized vehicles. By securing your property with different types of marine bollards, though, you can more easily protect both it and the people using it.

Removable and Collapsible Marine Bollards

Removable and collapsible marine bollards are frequently used to restrict access to docks and piers without permanently preventing it. If your docking area is only open to motor vehicles at certain times of the day or year, for example, or if access is limited to certain people, you can secure it on a temporary basis with collapsible or removable bollards.

Collapsible bollards stay permanently affixed to the ground and lock in an upright position. When you unlock the bollard, it folds down, giving vehicles several inches of clearance so that they can drive over them. Removable bollards are fit into metal sleeves embedded in the ground, locking in place with an internal lock or an external padlock. When you unlock a removable bollard, you can simply extract it from the ground and store it, leaving a flush surface for vehicles to drive over. These two types of barriers are perfect for marine bollards, because they give you control over access to the dock without eliminating access altogether.

Permanent Security with Fixed Marine Bollards

Some areas of your dock are best secured with permanently-fixed marine bollards. These are bollards that are installed in the ground so that they aren’t removable or collapsible—they are one of the strongest types of bollard available, so they are ideal for high-security areas. For example, marine bollards installed around the edges of a concrete dock or pier can prevent vehicles from accidentally driving into the water. These also create a distinct visual marker that discourages pedestrians from wandering too close to the edge.

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