Landscape Bollards

Professional landscaping is both time-consuming and expensive, and in just a few seconds, an unexpected accident can undo years of hard work and care. For superior landscape protection that keeps your carefully-cultivated greenery safe, landscape bollards are your best option.

Improving Your Landscape Protection with Landscape Bollards

Motor vehicles can do thousands of dollars of damage to your landscaping in an instant, so keeping them out is critical to ensuring your landscape’s protection. Landscape bollards are one of the most effective ways of preventing vehicles from driving where they don’t belong, but how you implement them is up to you.

For example, some parks include paved pathways for motor vehicles. By lining this roadway with garden barriers, you make it prohibitively difficult for a car to veer off the path and into your landscaping. Garden barriers also offer the unique advantage of inconspicuousness, so they provide security without standing out enough to disrupt your property’s aesthetics.

The Security of Landscape Bollards

Landscape bollards have to be powerful enough to stop moving vehicles. Unauthorized vehicles aren’t just a danger to your landscaping—they pose a serious threat to anyone working on it, as well as pedestrians who may be enjoying the scenery. To protect both your landscaping and pedestrians, you need to keep vehicles out.

Using Collapsible or Removable Landscape Bollards

Of course, there are times when authorized vehicles may need to drive across your landscaping to do work, whether they are pick-up trucks carrying landscaping supplies or heavy duty construction equipment like backhoes. This is why you should consider collapsible or removable landscape bollards, which provide the heavy duty protection you need without preventing you from allowing approved vehicles through.

Collapsible landscape bollards remain fixed in place, folding flat so approved vehicles can simply drive over them. Removable bollards, on the other hand, still give you the landscape protection you need and expect by fitting into ground sleeves embedded in the concrete. Check out this 36-inch large removable bollard for your landscape. Whether you choose collapsible or removable models, these barriers allow you to access your landscaping when need be while preventing other vehicles from doing so and causing costly, unsightly damage in the process.

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