Landmark Protection

Landmarks are important assets to the property on which they are placed. Because your landmark is outdoors, if drivers are inattentive, they could accidentally swerve off the road and into your valuable structure. Other drivers may recognize the value in your landmark and want to destroy it intentionally. To protect the landmark from any unwanted impact, you can install bollards around the structure for optimal protection.

Destruction Prevention

Because landmarks are popular areas to visit for both locals and tourists and receive an exceptional amount of foot traffic, a vehicular crash could be harmful and even catastrophic. To keep everyone on your landmark’s property protected, you can install bollards either around the direct area of the structure or the entire perimeter of the area. These landmark protection bollards can greatly prevent any destruction in or around the property.

Unprecedented Protection

To determine which bollard will work best for your structure, you’ll need to consider a few factors. If your landmark was permanently installed, you’ll need a barrier post that has permanent protection, designed to last well into the future without being moved.

If your landmark is on rotation or only displayed during certain times of the year, you may want to install removable or collapsible bollards. When not in use, removable bollards create a flush surface for driving over. Collapsible bollards provide the same convenience when you fold them down, allowing safe clearance for drivers.

Bollard Specifications

As you search for the right bollard to protect your landmark, you’ll most likely have a checklist of specifications you want in a barrier post. At TrafficGuard, our line of fixed and removable bollards can cater to your needs. We construct all of our bollards from stainless steel that’s Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305) compliant for exceptional strength and protection. To ensure our bollards give adequate visual deterrence, we also coat them in a bold yellow finish and 3M reflective tape. While noticeable, these bollards do not detract from the landmark area, allowing for the perfect balance of impact protection and stylish preservation.