Intersection Bollards

Sometimes traffic needs to be restricted on a certain section of the street. When you need to block off a particular area of an intersection, traffic bollards can keep the roadway safe. These noticeable vehicle barriers can prevent any inattentive drivers from crossing into the blocked area and secure it from extensive damages.

The Right Traffic Bollard

The intersection will most likely not need to be restricted forever, so a removable bollard could be perfect for temporarily barring access to a road. Ideal for any area that needs restriction for a limited time, a traffic barrier post can inhibit access to a part of an intersection that one may need close for specialty street events, like parades, street fairs or running races. In these instances, a removable bollard can prevent vehicles from crossing into the restricted area. Those who need the removable bollards for intersections can easily remove them when they’re not in use, creating a flush, completely accessible road surface. These bollards can also be easily stored on a storage rack if necessary. These strong, steel-crafted traffic bollards and barriers can prevent any vehicle intrusions from doing damage to the barred area. If someone needs to block off one area of a road for more than just a narrow time, a permanent bollard would be more ideal. These bollards designed for fixed areas to prevent intentional and accidental vehicle crashes. TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)

Vehicle Barrier Posts for Safety

Whatever reason an intersection needs to be temporarily guarded, removable traffic posts and barriers make sure drivers show caution. Removable bollards provide safety to specific area when you need impermanent protection, creating safer roads for drivers and pedestrians alike. TrafficGuard can coat its removable bollards in a bright yellow finish and cover them in 3M reflective tape, so drivers can easily notice the bollards when approaching the intersection. Whenever you need increase safety for a particular section of the road, a fixed Traffic Guard can keep the street protected.