Interior Factory Doorway Bollards

Protecting door openings on the inside of factories is essential when trying to maintain safety and prevent damage to a building from vehicles. Interior factory doorway bollards from TrafficGuard Direct are the ideal solution for maintaining a safe work environment and protecting your building from potential damage. They are available in many different sizes and styles, and in addition to being highly visible, these warehouse bollards are impact resistant and require very little maintenance.


Protect Property from Vehicular Damage

Protecting a building’s structure may not be something you immediately think of if you manage a factory. However, the damage caused by an accident in which a vehicle hits the doorway due to an incorrect judgment about the spatial clearance available can be expensive to fix–not just the equipment damaged, but the building itself, as well. The good news is that helping prevent such damage is easier than you might think. TrafficGuard offers a range of bollard solutions that are not only highly visible, but provide exceptional security and safety to the areas they’re installed in. With bollards marking the dimensions of an indoor doorway, workers can judge the space much more easily.

Flexible Solutions

We offer a number of solutions for bollard installations, including single and double post bollards, removable or fixed options, and locking or non-locking versions. No matter what your specific needs are for bollards in your building, you’ll be able to find the right bollard for your location. Installing them is a relatively simple process once you do decide, and if you have any questions or concerns, TrafficGuard can help.

Visibility and Strength

Installing bollards is ideal, not just because they provide a strong and effective method of protecting property from damage, but because they are highly visible, as well. TrafficGuard bollards also require very little maintenance over the years and thus, are a valuable asset to your property. Add a bit more safety and security with interior factory doorway bollards.

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