Hospital & E.R. Bollards

Hospitals are busy places. Between visitors, patients, doctors, emergency staff, and more, it’s almost surprising that the parking lots and walkways aren’t more dangerous. Most hospitals use a variety of security measures to keep patrons safe, though, and one of the common systems used are bollards. Placed in parking lots and around spaces that are marked for vehicles, hospital safety bollards can help prevent traffic congestion, damage to property, and injury to pedestrians. There are a variety of bollards available from TrafficGuard Direct, so no matter what type of security level is needed, you’ll have choices. 

Marking Space for Emergency Vehicles

One of the most common uses for bollards in a hospital environment is marking out where emergency vehicles are allowed—or, more accurately, where regular, non-emergency vehicles are not allowed.  Bollards can be installed to prohibit unauthorized vehicles from gaining access to ambulance areas, which can streamline the process of getting patients to where they need to be as soon as they can get there. Additionally, bollards can separate pedestrian and vehicle space, which can allow for easier navigation of parking lots.

Protecting Pedestrians and Property

In addition to marking off certain areas of parking lots and driving areas, hospital safety bollards can be used to protect pedestrians and property.  Protecting walkways is essential, and bollards can help to prevent a car from accidentally crashing into a building or a person. Without barriers, errant vehicles could cause a lot of damage or injury. Whether on accident or on purpose, collisions can cause a great deal of harm both to people and to property.  Installing bollards is a relatively convenient and easy process, and can provide a great deal of security and safety.

A Variety of Bollard Post Options

At TrafficGuard Direct, a number of bollard options are sold to help people and organizations of all kinds find the security and safety tools they need. If temporary or impermanent options are called for, removable bollards are available. Permanent options may be a more ideal solution for parking lot bollards, as they will likely not need to be moved from where they are installed. However, if temporary options are desired, there are locking and non-locking models available.  Depending on what you need for your location, there’s something that will fit perfectly into your set of needs. For more information about bollards for hospitals, contact TrafficGuard today.

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