Highway Bollards

Highways are indisputably dangerous, and not only for the people who drive on them. The speeds at which cars and trucks are able to travel on the highway can pose a serious threat to people like construction crews, especially now that drivers can be so easily preoccupied with distractions like smartphones. With highway bollards in place, though, you can better protect the safety of the people on and around these high-speed roadways.

Types of Highway Bollards

The type of highway bollard you need depends on its purpose. For example, fixed heavy-duty safety barriers are typically reserved for areas that need the best security possible, and where vehicle access is strictly prohibited at all times. This may include, for example, the area around a roadside utility pole or power station—if a car veered off the highway and hit something like this, the results could be catastrophic. In other areas, removable highway bollards may be more appropriate. For example, some highways outside of major metropolitan areas include walled-off restricted lanes that open only during rush hour and other periods of high volume. Installing removable highway bollards at the entrances to restricted lanes like this can prevent unauthorized and illegal entry during off-times.

Highway Safety Barriers with Stopping Power

Because cars and trucks move at such high speeds on the highway, highway bollards need to offer significant stopping power. If the driver of a fast-moving vehicle loses control or isn’t paying attention, that vehicle can plow straight through a low-quality traffic post. Heavy duty reinforced steel, on the other hand, offers you the strength that you need to stop a speeding vehicle. Highway safety barriers at the entrance to a weigh station, for example, protect the station when it isn’t in use. The same goes for highway safety barriers along the edges of rest stops—if a vehicle pulls into a rest stop too quickly and can’t stop itself, highway bollards can provide a barrier between the roadway and rest stop’s sidewalk. A strong enough bollard will stop a vehicle in its tracks, and can prevent a tragic accident from taking place. *TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)