High Bay Door Bollards

Within industrial settings, it’s essential to keep door openings protected from vehicle and machinery traffic. It can be easy for drivers to misjudge space and accidentally hit a wall, so using high bay door safety bollards can be beneficial when you need an effective way to protect your business’ building. Bollards from TrafficGuard Direct are not only impact resistant and highly visible, but they also require very little maintenance, making them an ideal solution.

Preventing Building Damage

If you need a way to ensure your property stays protected from vehicular damage, considering using bollards may be a good first step. Bollards, when installed around high bay doors, alert people of how large a space is and can help prevent them from misjudging how much room they have to pass through a space. Mitigating potential damage is less expensive than repairing damage, and because TrafficGuard bollards are long-lasting, your investment will be around for years to come.

Strength, Visibility, and Durability

Bollards are manufactured to help prevent damage and direct traffic. When installed around door openings, the available space is marked more clearly and helps show vehicles where they can and cannot go. If high bay doors are only used intermittently, and you want to protect your business and property when they are not in use, installing removable or collapsible bollards may be a good solution. This way, you can have the security when you need it, but remove them when a vehicle needs access to the doors. These high bay door safety bollards require very little maintenance, and are impact resistant, making them an ideal solution for providing a boost of safety and security.

Many Available Options

TrafficGuard offers a number of different bollard options suitable for a variety of needs and locations. For instance, we offer all of our bollards in a range of different sizes and heights, so you’ll have no trouble finding the size you need for your application. A variety of styles are available, such as locking and non-locking versions, collapsible bollards, removable and fixed options, and embedded or surface-mounted styles. We can help you choose the best ones for your particular needs. For more information about bollards, contact TrafficGuard today.

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