Handicapped Parking

Parking lot spaces need protection, but handicapped parking spots especially need safeguards. When you place bollards in your lot, drivers are able to identify your handicapped spaces effectively. Handicap parking space bollards can prevent any catastrophic accidents near the handicapped spaces. Whether your lot is large or small, parking space bollards could be the perfect solution.

Parking Lot Safety Measures

Your No. 1 priority is keeping those parked and walking in your lot safe. Those with handicaps need additional protections while in and around their cars. Even though vehicles should be driving at low speeds when entering, exiting and driving around your lot, some drivers choose to drive in an unsafe, unpredictable manner. Accidents also happen, putting those in your lot at an even higher risk. By installing parking bollards near your spaces, you can enhance your parking lot’s security measures, especially when it comes to handicap parking safety.

Exceptional Parking Lot Protection

Those who park in your lot deserve a peace of mind that they’ll be safe, no questions asked. Give them that protection by installing handicap parking space bollards in your spots. Larger parking lots may need extra restrictions for special events when traffic could be higher. By using parking space bollards, you can regulate traffic in your lot when you need it. When not in use, removable bollards create a flush surface that can safely be driven over. You can also use collapsible bollards for temporary security reasons, providing drivers the same ease for driving over when not in use. We coat all of our bollards in a bright yellow finish to provide drivers with a powerful visual deterrence without detracting from the aesthetics of your lot. TrafficGuard bollards can protect parking lots with the highest level of security for years to come. *Our bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)