Fire Hydrant Bollards

Fire hydrants are more than red adornments on the sidewalk or grass—they’re vital, life-saving tools used during crises. If not protected, an inattentive driver could crash into them, leaving firefighters trying to extinguish a blaze helpless. To protect your fire hydrants and those who need them in severe situations, you can install fire hydrant bollards to inhibit vehicular impact.

Keeping Fire Hydrants Safe

Fire hydrants are powerful tools, but because they are placed in such open, vulnerable positions, they can often be rendered useless if hit by a vehicle. When a car hits a fire hydrant, the hydrant could be out of commission for days. Although uncommon, fires do occur, and when firefighters have no access to a water supply, the results could be deadly. Installing fire hydrant bollards can prevent damages, allowing the fire hydrants to work as intended.

Destruction Prevention

Once hit, fire hydrants can gush water for hours, flooding out a particular area and causing damage. To prevent vehicles from even having access to hit your fire hydrants, you can install fire hydrant protection barriers, like bollards, around the perimeter of your fire hydrants for the ultimate protection.

Choosing the Right Barricade Post

Once installed, fire hydrants can last well into the future. Because these hydrants are installed to last permanently for many years to come, you’ll need a bollard to match. At TrafficGuard, we construct all of our bollards from strong stainless steel, so they can prevent even the harshest of impacts from oncoming cars. We also offer removable and collapsible bollard models that provide the same level of protection but with more accessibility when needed.

When choosing bollards to protect your fire hydrants, you’ll also need something with a powerful visual deterrence. At TrafficGuard, we coat all of our bollards in 3M reflective tape and a bright yellow finish, alerting even inattentive drivers of the barricade posts ahead. 

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