Fire Access Lane Bollards

Whenever your fire truck needs access to the fire lane, you shouldn’t need to worry about unauthorized vehicles blocking your path. Even though you have painted lanes to indicate fire truck access only, drivers may not notice the restriction, or they may ignore this warning. With fire access lane collapsible bollards, you have the option to block traffic as needed. TrafficGuard’s vehicle impact barriers add increased safety and security whenever you need your fire trucks to go out on the job.

Vehicle Barrier Posts

Collapsible traffic barriers are sturdy and strong when in place.  When you need them to be flat, though, they easily fold down. Using a discrete yet simple locking mechanism, these bollards can be opened quickly and grant access during emergencies. When these bollard posts are collapsed, they still leave enough ground clearance for trucks to drive over them without incurring damages.

Because you only want fire trucks or other emergency vehicles to have access to these lanes, collapsible bollards can give you the flexibility you need. Removable bollards could also be useful for fire access lanes. You can easily install their ground sleeves and, when not in use, removable bollards create a flush surface safe for driving, allowing your fire truck to easily pass by.

Traffic Deterrence

TrafficGuard’s vehicle impact barriers, whether painted in bright yellow or crafted out of heavy-duty stainless steel, are a strong deterrent to vehicles when placed in the right areas. By using collapsible traffic barriers where your fire truck lanes are, you can keep out other traffic as needed.

When you are required to respond to a fire call, you can’t have any vehicle or other obstruction in your fire access lane. These collapsible bollards do the job they need to when fire trucks don’t need to pass through, but they are easily foldable when authorized emergency traffic does need access. These traffic bollards have the strength to withstand unapproved traffic, which is exactly what you need for your fire access lane.

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