Emergency Room Traffic Bollards

Ambulances have an incredibly important job. That’s why at hospitals, it’s essential to mark off their driving path with emergency room safety bollards that prevent non-ambulance traffic from gaining access to this critical area.  Ensuring that ambulances are always able to pull into the emergency room entrance is just one key part of establishing hospital efficiency and safety – don’t get caught in a situation where a car is blocking an ambulance’s path. Use TrafficGuard Direct bollards for traffic control, which are not only highly visible, but durable as well.

Control Traffic Flow, Restrict Access

Emergency room traffic lanes provide an essential path for ambulances to make their way to hospitals. In order for these lanes to maintain functional, they have to remain cleared for ambulance access. In order for this to be possible, traffic lanes must be clearly marked as not for civilian vehicle use. Bollards from TrafficGuard are an ideal way to do just that.  These traffic control posts not only notify regular hospital visitors that the ambulance lane is not accessible to them, but they also can prevent vehicles from passing into emergency areas. Bollard options that are collapsible can be used for allowing emergency vehicle access, and removable, locking or non-locking bollards are also good solutions.

Keep Pedestrians and Medical Staff Safe

Emergency room safety bollards cannot only indicate which vehicles are allowed to pass through an area, but they can also help keep pedestrians and medical staff safer. Hospital employees working near the emergency room entrances are aware of how to prepare for an ambulance arriving, and if an unauthorized vehicle obtains access to the emergency lane, it could pose a risk for everyone involved. Installing bollards, possibly even bollards with signs installed in them, alerts drivers that they cannot park or approach the hospital in that particular lane.

Choose from Multiple Options

TrafficGuard offers a number of different options for bollards, with the aim of meeting any need you may have. Single and double post options, locking and non-locking bollards, as well as removable and fixed options are available for a number of different locations, and come in a range of different sizes as well. Contact TrafficGuard for more information about bollard options. *TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)