Driveway Barriers

Whether you have a residential or a business driveway, you can easily protect it and prevent unauthorized access with a set of driveway barriers. Driveway barricades are designed to be both highly secure and non-intrusive, so you can improve security without detracting from your property’s aesthetics.

Improving Driveway Security with Driveway Barriers

Barriers and bollards for driveways are a way of improving your driveway security without large gates or other conspicuous methods. This is because driveway barriers are uniquely designed to be both noticeable and easy to remove without becoming an eyesore or compromising security.

When you use a driveway barrier with a bright, bold finish, you make it clear that it’s a restricted area while creating a visual deterrent that can prevent accidental collisions. If they aren’t as easy to see at night as they are during the day, drivers may not notice them until it is too late. Though driveway security posts are designed to be relatively lightweight and easy to remove, they are still sturdy and secure enough to potentially stop a moving vehicle.

Types of Driveway Barriers

Typically, driveway barriers are smaller in circumference and lighter in weight than heavy duty bollards, allowing them to be easily removed. By installing a ground sleeve in your driveway, you make it quick and easy to lock a driveway security post barrier in place and to remove it when need be.

For added convenience, you can install collapsible bollards for driveways, which are permanently fixed to the surface of your driveway. Collapsible driveway barriers stay in place but fold down flat, allowing vehicles with even just a few inches of clearance underneath to simply drive over them. These guard posts raise and lower quickly and easily, so if your driveway is used frequently but with restricted access, they are the ideal combination of security and usability.

No matter which type of bollard suits your needs best, this type of equipment offers you an unmistakable visual deterrent along with the stopping power you need to improve driveway security.

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