Drive-Thru Lane Bollards

Drive-thru lane safety bollard barriers, whether they’re used at banks, fast food restaurants, or anywhere else, are an ideal solution for protecting both the drivers who frequent these establishments, as well as the buildings themselves. TrafficGuard Direct offers high quality drive-thru lane bollards that provide not only a highly visible solution, but one that is incredibly durable and long-lasting, as well. Protect your building and keep drivers safe with bollards.

Protect Property from Damage

When drivers navigate through drive-thru lanes, it’s important for businesses to lend them the guidance necessary in order to help prevent damage. One way to do just that is by installing drive-thru lane safety bollard barriers, which not only protect vehicles from coming too close to the building, but also protect the building, in case the driver accidentally hits the building anyway. Protecting the building means that in case of an accident, the damage won’t be nearly as significant as it perhaps would be without the help of bollards. Road safety bollards protecting the building also protect the people working inside of the building – if a car cannot ram through the building’s exterior because bollards work to prevent that, the workers inside of the establishment are also safer.

Keep Drivers Safe

In addition to protecting property, drive-thru lane bollards also help protect drivers from damaging their vehicles. It can be difficult to gauge how much space exists between your car and a building, so a driver might be inclined to try and inch as close as they can to the window when they pull up to it. This can cause problems, as the driver may not realize just how close their car is to the window and may scrape the front end of their car on the building. Road safety bollards, while not foolproof, work to help prevent this.

Plenty of Bollard Options

TrafficGuard offers a number of different options of road safety bollards. We not only offer removable and permanent varieties, but also locking, non-locking, single post, double post, collapsible, and more. Our bollards are available in many different sizes, as well. We know keeping areas safe and secure is a top priority of businesses all over. Learn more about bollards from TrafficGuard today.

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