Dock Bollards

If you don’t install adequate protective measures in and around a boat dock, you can leave the people who use it vulnerable. Boat dock protection measures help ensure that the boats at your dock stay secure, and that the people who use the dock are safe from motor vehicle accidents. Installing dock bollards at your own private dock lets you give access to anyone authorized while keeping unauthorized vehicles out.

Removable Dock Bollards

When you operate a private dock, you need to make sure that it is safe and secure at all times. Whether you want to protect the dock and the people on it from out-of-control vehicles or you simply want to prevent trespassers from using it, removable round bollard posts for docks give you the control and security you need.

Removable dock bollards, for example, lock in place when you want to secure the area but can be easily removed when you want to access it. This is particularly useful when you want to tow a boat in or out of the water—you can ensure that only you have access to the dock, curbing the threat of trespassers.

Fixed Boat Dock Protection

For permanent boat dock protection, fixed dock bollards are difficult to beat. These types of bollards are typically found around the edges of a concrete dock, where they prevent cars and trucks from accidentally going over the edge. In addition to this physical barrier that fixed bollards for docks can provide, they also create a visual deterrent that can discourage people from walking too close to the edge.

Dock Bollard Stopping Power

If you’re installing dock bollards, you need them to have the stopping power that keeps people on the dock safe. There are many reasons that an unprotected dock puts the people on it at risk—the tow attaching a boat to a truck can unexpectedly break, for example, or an approaching driver can lose control of his vehicle.

This is why you need heavy duty bollards to give you the boat dock protection you need. Only a bollard strong enough to stop a moving vehicle is suitable for protecting your dock and everyone on it. 

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