Bus Bollards

Bus bollards and traffic posts can critically increase security and improve safety wherever busses go. Many areas where busses drive and park are not meant to be accessible by vehicles, and when drivers illegally use them, it can create a dangerous situation. By installing bus bollards and traffic posts, though, you can restrict access to areas like these and keep the people who use them safer.

Marking Bus Lanes with Traffic Posts

Even if your bus lanes are marked with painted pavement, not all drivers may notice right away when they enter a restricted lane. This can be particularly dangerous on one-way streets on busses in the bus lane move against the flow of traffic—if a car mistakenly drives in the bus lane, it can lead to a deadly collision.

Lining your bus lane with traffic posts, however, can prevent that mistake from taking place. By installing traffic posts at carefully-measured intervals, you can prevent or deter cars from illegally moving into the bus lane, whether they may attempt to do so intentionally or accidentally.

Restricting Bus-Only Areas with Bus Bollards

Areas like public transit access roads and private parking lots are restricted to bus-only use, and preventing access by unauthorized vehicles is a major safety and security priority. To increase security without permanently limiting access to bus-only areas, you should install collapsible or removable bus bollards.

Bus bollards that can be collapsed or removed are the ideal solution for limited-access areas, because they give you total control over who can access certain areas and when. Collapsible bus bollards, for example, are permanently attached to the ground and lock in an upright position. When unlocked, the bollards fold down, allowing vehicles like buses to simply drive over them.

Removable bus bollards, on the other hand, can be completely removed from the ground to leave a flush surface behind. This type of bollard fits into a ground sleeve installed in the concrete and locks in place. When unlocked, you can remove the bus bollard and store it, allowing vehicles to pass through.

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