Bicycle Lane Bollards

Today, many people bike as a primary form of transportation. Drivers and cyclists may have to share the road, but cyclists still need to have their own lanes for safety. Because cyclists are using bike lanes more frequently than ever, you need increased security around the lanes for their safety. Permanent bike lane safety bollards can provide exceptional deterrence for bicyclists from outside traffic.

Highly Protective Barriers

TrafficGuard’s bollards and barrier posts are resistant to oncoming traffic and keep cyclists safe. The traffic bollards are also tamper-resistant and provide exceptional security against vehicle impact. Traffic should never enter bike lanes, so permanent bollards can prevent any accidents from inattentive drivers or accidental collisions. You can place permanent bollards frequently or sporadically along the bike lane, giving bicyclists a peace of mind knowing they have extra security around them they ride. Because we design our traffic barrier devices to stay permanently in the road, they can withstand even the harshest of blows, effectively protecting those riding in the lane with visual deterrence and strength. We design all of our bollards to keep traffic out of areas it does not belong, and our fixed bollards for bicycle lanes are no exceptions.

Prevent Vehicle Impact

Bike lane safety bollards need to be highly visible, which is why we coat all of our high-strength bicycle lane bollards in a highly visible yellow finish and 3M reflective tape. To ensure these traffic bollards and barriers are long-lasting, we also apply a rust and corrosion-resistant finish. These bollards are clearly noticeable to any passerby drivers, effectively blocking them off from the bicycle lane traffic. Placed on the side of the roads, these bike bollards do not interfere with regular traffic, but they still make drivers act responsibly to prevent any accidents with cyclists. Even if you just mark your bike lanes with a few bollards, you can protect those riding in the bike lane by alerting cars to stay in the appropriate lanes, providing the safeguarding needed for cyclists’ safety. 

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