High Shear Security Lock Pins

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These round lock pins have 2.6 times the shear capacity of our stock pins and are recommended when your application requires a higher level of security.


For optimal security for all collapsible bollards, these high shear security lock pins provide 2.6 times more shear capacity than our stock pins. This option is excellent for collapsible bollards that are exposed to heavy traffic and other security risks. Bollard security lock pins are designed to resist corrosion and other outside elements that affect the metal. They’re simple to use, so no matter how frequently you raise and lower your bollards, you can easily maneuver them in and out of place.

Securely Lock All Collapsible Bollards

Providing even more security than our stock pins, the high shear security model is ideal for applications in which traffic and intrusion is an especially high risk. This may include areas like busy parking lots, high-security zones and warehouses, and roads near high-traffic areas. Unauthorized traffic can be more reliably controlled with this increased impact resistance, supplementing the strength of our collapsible bollards.

Added Strength for Lighter Posts

These high-security bollard lock pins are compatible with collapsible bollards of varying sizes and strengths, from our most heavy duty designs to those in lower weights and smaller sizes. No matter your model, these pins fortify your security solution by increasing impact resistance and maintaining impressive stopping power. With the same easy-to-use design as our stock pins, these allow you to continue using a padlock of your choice, combining versatility and accessibility with a heightened level of security. Your bollards will benefit from these pins no matter their size or shape. Request a quote for our high shear lock pins for sale today.

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