Parking Meter Posts Bollards

TrafficGuard Direct parking meter posts are available in different diameters, heights and colors, making them an ideal fit for a wide variety of applications. With a round top and a top-locking security mechanism, these removable posts offer you the convenience to use a parking meter head of your choice and to remove the post whenever you need to.

Top-Locking Convenience

These removable posts stay in place using a simple locking feature, compatible with the padlock of your choice. When you insert the post into the ground sleeve, engage the locking mechanism at the top of the post — this gives you easy access without having to bend down to the ground. With the interior locking mechanism engaged, secure it in place using any compatible padlock.

Removing and Installing Parking Meter Posts

With TrafficGuard, installing and removing temporary parking meter posts is safe and easy. Each post simply drops into place in a custom-fitted ground sleeve, and when it is removed, a galvanized steel filler piece takes its place. The filler piece creates a flush, virtually unnoticeable ground surface, eliminating tripping hazards and protecting the ground sleeve from the elements. It fits snugly in the ground sleeve, minimizing the risk of tampering, and comes with a special tool for quick and easy removal.

Flexibility for Different Parking Meters

Because these parking meter posts come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, we can accommodate the needs of your space and your equipment. The round top allows you to attach the parking meter head of your choice, making transit and storage effortless. Our removable posts are also compatible with our galvanized steel storage racks, allowing you to keep track of your equipment when it isn’t in use. For their simplicity and security both when they are and when they aren’t in use, our parking meter posts are a flexible, reliable solution for virtually any application. 

*TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)