Helix Lock Stainless Steel Bollards

With heavy duty steel construction, a brilliant, uniform finish and lightweight portability, our Helix Lock Parking Bollard line finished with stainless steel is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Designed to provide a formidable visual deterrent and strength against unauthorized access, these bollards are best-suited for light duty security applications, like parking lot protection. Like our other removable bollards, they come with ground sleeves in one of two styles: Lidded, or open with a filler piece. They also have a shining finish from a 304 stainless steel, #4 brush finish.

Helix Lock Technology

These removable bollards benefit from our patented helix lock technology, a internal locking system that resists tampering. After the bollard is inserted, engage the lock using an included, proprietary tool, ensuring that it stays in place. When you are ready to remove the bollard, simply use the tool to disengage the lock from the outside and lift the post out of its ground sleeve. Both of the models in our parking bollard line weigh only 13 lbs., making them easy to install, remove, transport and store.

Lidded Ground Sleeve Bollards

Our removable bollards come in two models. The lidded ground sleeve model has a hinged, galvanized steel lid attached to the ground sleeve, which closes over the opening when the bollard is removed. This creates a secure, flush surface without having to insert a filler piece into the ground sleeve. With less parts to keep track of, the lidded ground sleeve model is highly convenient for fast, easy access.

Ground Sleeve and Filler Piece Models

These galvanized steel ground sleeves each come with a filler piece, a secure insert that you place in the ground sleeve when the parking bollard isn’t in use. Requiring a specially shaped tool to remove, filler pieces give your ground sleeve a high level of security and protection from the elements. 

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