Park Protect Bollards

The most cost-effective security solution offered by TrafficGuard Direct, the Park Protect line of collapsible parking barriers combines security and simplicity in one highly economical package. These barriers are designed to offer you varying levels of protection, ensuring that your property is guarded day and night. Ideal for both residential and public areas, the Park Protect line makes it easy to maintain security while allowing for quick and easy access to restricted zones. This is because of the hinged design, which allows you to lower, raise and secure the vehicle barriers with ease.

Hinged, Locking Design

Built with a simple hinge design, the Park Protect line of collapsible parking barriers is both convenient and secure. The base of the barrier affixes permanently to the ground, discouraging attempted theft or tampering. Instead, the barriers raise and lower using a hinge, allowing you to drop them down virtually to ground level and allow vehicles through. Because of this hinged design, these vehicle barriers are well-suited for areas that require regular security with frequent or occasional access. When the barrier is raised, simply secure it in place with a compatible padlock of your choice.

Highly Visible, Long-Lasting Finish

Like many of our other bollards and vehicle barriers, those in our Park Protect line are finished to maximize visibility and longevity. These barriers are finished with a zinc-rich coating that resists corrosion and rust ensuring that they maintain their bold reflectivity and conspicuous coloring for an extended period. Finished in bright yellow with a black-and-white reflective decal, these effective deterrents send a clear message.

Appropriate for Consumer Use

Unlike our, heavy duty bollards and barriers, these are appropriate for use in residential areas and consumer applications. Ideal for protecting parking spots, driveways and other private and restricted areas, these are affordable and easy to use.

*TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)