Collapsible Parking Bollards

Ideal for protecting parking spaces, these collapsible vehicle barriers are lightweight, easy to use and economical for private use. Parking barriers in the Park Protect line are the most cost-effective options TrafficGuard Direct offers, making them perfect for residential parking space protection. Easy to lay down and drive over for authorized access yet strong and bold enough to create a distinct deterrent, these collapsible, affordable parking barriers allow you to protect your space from unauthorized access.

Hinged Convenience

Unlike some other fixed vehicle barriers, these posts feature a collapsible hinge, allowing you to quickly and easily set them up or lower them. Once lowered, they are low enough to the ground for almost any vehicle to pass overtop of them, allowing for convenient access without having to pick up and move the barriers. They lock in place at the base using a padlock of your choice, so you have control over who has access to your barriers and your property.

Durability and Affordability

Our collapsible parking barriers are some of the most cost-effective solutions we offer, but it doesn’t come at the expense of durability. While these barriers are not designed for high impact security, they are built to last, with a corrosion-resistant finish and bold, reflective surfaces. These vehicle barriers withstand the harsh elements and remain a highly visible, robust deterrent for your property. Affordable, long-lasting and easy to install, these collapsible barriers are a user-friendly solution to a wide variety of public and private parking security issues.

Ideal Uses

These parking barriers are ideal for light duty security, preventing unauthorized access in areas like private driveways and restricted parking zones. Their reflective, conspicuous design makes them perfect for low-speed areas, traffic control and visual deterrence, while their solid construction gives them just enough stopping power to protect.

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