Parking Bollards

TrafficGuard Direct is a security solutions company for vehicle access control. We specialize in a variety of traffic control devices, including removable and collapsible bollards and barriers. We design and manufacture premium bollards and barriers for different locations and applications, which you can see in our extensive online inventory. Learn here about the different types of premium steel parking bollards we offer, and browse the inventory for more detailed information about the ones that are right for you.

Designed for light duty security and visual deterrence, our parking bollards come in both removable and collapsible varieties. Built to combine the strength you expect from a steel bollard with an unobtrusive design, these barriers are ideal for parking lots.

Collapsible Bollards

Collapsible bollards are securely anchored at the base, and their hinged construction makes them ideal for vehicle access control. Made from the same premium steel tube and pipe as our other bollards and barriers, these grant you an unmatched level of convenience perfect for selective traffic-permitting zones. Our collapsible bollards come in four different models with varying sizes and locking mechanisms, ensuring that you enjoy total security while accommodating vehicles with both high and low clearances. The parking bollard model is light duty and designed for visual deterrence and parking lot security.

Removable Bollards

Our manually operated removable bollards are some of the best in the industry, and are available in both locking and non-locking models to suit a variety of security needs. They are also available in several different diameters and with various ground sleeve options, these round bollards always leave a flush surface when removed, making the transition from high security to easy access as seamless as possible. Our removable parking bollards are also available with varying sleeve options, and are designed primarily for light duty protection and visual deterrence.

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