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TrafficGuard Direct collapsible bollards are ideal for vehicle access control, especially for emergency vehicles. Because these traffic bollards are constructed using premium steel tube and pipe*, they give you the same signature protection as our fixed and removable units while providing unmatched convenience for vehicle access.

*Our bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305).

Four Different Styles

To accommodate your varying needs for permitting traffic, our collapsible bollards are available in four different styles. These bollards are permanently anchored to the ground at the base and fold down flat on a hinge, giving you the ultimate in control and freedom to allow authorized vehicles in and out while preventing unwanted vehicle entry.

The style of collapsible bollard best-suited for you depends on the restrictions imposed by your vehicles and your need for security. Our Single Post collapsible bollards are the heavy duty, requiring either a 4" or 5" clearance when folded flat, while both of our Double Post models require 3" clearance. We also offer the Round Post model, which folds down in either direction for unequaled versatility.

For collapsible parking space protection, we also manufacture a line of light-duty collapsible posts that you can find in our parking section.

How Collapsible Bollards Work

Our collapsible bollards combine heavy duty protection with speed and convenience. Standing upright, our traffic posts are held in place with stainless steel padlock-secured pins, restricting access to keyholders and preventing both tampering and damage from road-level hazards. All of our collapsible bollards are finished in a highly visible yellow powder coating and come standard with 3M reflective labels to improve visibility and reduce the risk of collision.

Emergency Vehicle Use

Because these bollards raise and lower so easily, they are ideal for use with emergency vehicles. If emergency vehicles come and go frequently, the speed with which these raise and lower makes it easier to permit them in and out while preventing unwanted traffic from getting through.

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