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University Bollards

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TrafficGuard Round Post Top Lock
Anti-ram bollards Aurora University, Aurora, IL

Heavily populated by students, university campuses require the most effective security and safety measures available. Traffic bollards of all kinds—including fixed, removable and collapsible posts—can provide the protection for people and property that best suits any educational institution.

Block Unauthorized Traffic

Removable or collapsible bollardspermit quick entry for authorized vehicles and restrict access to unauthorized traffic. Each traffic bollard provides visual deterrence with 3M reflective tape and a yellow finish without being obtrusive in any environment. Collapsible bollards can also protect individual parking spaces reserved for faculty or staff members, unlocked with a personal padlock. If removable posts need to be stored, storage units kept nearby can allow for quick set up and takedown. Multiple post configurations can be set up for varying security levels.

Optimal Pedestrian Safety

Traffic postscan be strategically placed around campus to help keep pedestrians safe from vehicle accidents.During special events, bollards can be placed to ensure vehicles remain at a safe distance from pedestrian traffic, while parking lots can have additional removable posts placed on parking space borders to further increase security when needed.

Keeping Any Location Secure

TrafficGuard bollards help provide the necessary security to keep students, faculty and structures safe from vehicle damage. Customized combinations of removable, fixed and collapsible posts contribute to a strong,complete security system, keeping unwanted traffic out while remaining fully accessible to authorized personnel.

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