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Pedestrian Bridges

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TrafficGuard Round Post Top Lock
Removable steel bollards Leon D. Larson Memorial Park, Sycamore, IL

In areas with pedestrian bridges, you should take security measures to ensure that vehicles cannot attempt to cross. Security bollards can be set up on either end of a pedestrian bridge to prevent motorists from entering while still allowing easy access for pedestrians and bicyclists. This gives pedestrian traffic the safety it needs, while also preventing damage to the bridge by vehicles that are too heavy.

Effective Deterrence

Traffic control bollards from TrafficGuard are designed to not only provide high quality crash resistance, but also to appear as an unmistakable visual warning to approaching vehicles. Strategically placed collapsible, permanent or removable security posts can be installed at either end of a pedestrian bridge to effectively keep unwanted traffic out. Drivers can also easily see these bollards at night, as well, because of the 3M reflective tape applied to each one.

Unparalleled Accessibility

While collapsible and removable traffic control posts from TrafficGuard are durable and secure when standing, they can be easily unlocked and maneuvered when not needed. Removable bollards come with a ground sleeve that can be covered or temporarily filled, making the spot less visible whenever the post is gone. Personalized padlocks can be used to lock and unlock bollards easily and quickly, resisting complications from weather conditions like rain and snow.

Safety is Top Priority

Security bollards for pedestrian bridges should be installed to maintain the full safety of all pedestrians. On pedestrian bridges near roadways, fixed traffic control bollards prevent motorists from mistakenly attempting to cross the bridge. This protects pedestrians, motorists and the bridge itself. With fixed, collapsible or removable posts, pedestrian bridges are safer for everyone.

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