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Park Bollards

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TrafficGuard Round Post Lock
Anti-ram bollards Marion Square, Charleston, SC

Areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, like parks, require the most reliable safety measures available. High-security fixed bollards installed at the various entrances of a park protect both the property and its pedestrians from unauthorized vehicle entry. From children on a playground to visitors at a festival, your park's visitors benefit from bollards that clearly designate certain areas as restricted to vehicle traffic and prevent vehicle entry. Pathways intended for bikes or pedestrians can also be fitted with collapsible traffic control barriers that prevent vehicles from entering.

Quality Vehicle Deterrence

Many traffic control devices from TrafficGuard is designed to be a visual deterrent as well as a physical obstacle. Fixed bollards can be installed on the borders of parking lots and surrounding areas where pedestrians are frequently active, fabricated with the strength required to withstand high-speed and low-speed crashes. Bright finishes and 3M reflective tape appear on every bollard, staying highly visible to all vehicles in their immediate proximity.

Complete Accessibility

For bike paths or pedestrian walkways in parks, collapsible bollards can be installed to prevent unauthorized vehicle entry without presenting inconvenience to cyclists and walkers. If emergency or maintenance vehicles need to gain access, specialized locking mechanisms allow you to lower the bollards and allow them through. Removable bollards can also be used in areas where levels of access change, and come with lidded ground sleeves or filler pieces to cover the installation points when posts are absent.

Optimal Security Measures

Heavy and light duty traffic control posts help you protect the wellbeing of park visitors, and keep all locations secure even when the park is closed. Parks can benefit immensely from equipping multipurpose bollards at their entrances, whether they favor fixed, removable or collapsible barriers.

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