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Government Buildings

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TrafficGuard Round Post Top Lock (TL1004R)
Hanscom Air Force Base, MA

Government buildings require some of the toughest, most dependable security available, both inside and out. At TrafficGuard, our variety of traffic control barriers—including fixed, removable and collapsible bollards—provide the flexibility and high security you need to keep unauthorized traffic from entering and/or damaging restricted areas. Because our bollards are designed to provide varying degrees of security and accessibility, you can rely on TrafficGuard for whatever level of protection your property requires.

Protect Any Areas

Our permanent bollards can be installed around a high-security structure for protection from vehicle damage to walls and entry points, and can also be installed around the property's outside perimeter to prevent any type of vehicular entry. Collapsible bollards, on the other hand, provide heavy duty security against unauthorized entry while lowering, raising and locking, allowing authorized vehicles to safely come and go.

Accessibility Alteration

In addition to our permanent and collapsible bollards, TrafficGuard offers removable posts with varying in-ground locking mechanisms that create high security wherever you need it. These types of bollards can be completely removed and easily stored, allowing you to give authorized vehicles entry before reinstalling the posts. While collapsible posts take a minimal amount of time to raise and lower, our removable models allow clearance for vehicles of any size.

Premium Parking Security

Government properties owe citizens a heightened degree of safety and security that TrafficGuard fixed parking bollards provide. These bollards make parking areas safer by creating a bold, unmistakable visual deterrence, directing traffic away from inaccessible areas. Parking lots secured with fixed parking bollards make vehicles, drivers and pedestrians safer from accidents, potentially reducing your liability risk. For more flexibility, our removable posts allow you to reconfigure your parking areas, expanding or restricting certain areas to accommodate visitors.

*TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)