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Bike Path Bollards

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TrafficGuard Top Lock High Security
Missouri Riverfront Trail, Kansas City, MO

Because of the number of pedestrians and cyclists that use bike paths, you need security measures that maintain their safety. Collapsible bollards are ideal when you want to mark and secure the entrances to a bike path, providing heavy duty security while standing and allowing vehicles through when lowered. TrafficGuard traffic bollards are designed to be highly resistant to impact and corrosion, ensuring lasting strength and visibility that everyone on your trail can depend on.

Complete Accessibility

Our collapsible bollards are raised and lowered using a deceptively simple locking mechanism, making them easy to use. Locks can be quickly opened, granting vehicle access to the trail in emergency situations. Because our collapsible bollards fold down close to the ground, vehicles with even just a few inches of ground clearance can pass over without sustaining damage.

Visual Deterrence

Standing upright, removable and collapsible bollards are highly visible to passing drivers, communicating that a path is off limits. All bollards are brightly colored with 3M reflective tape and a bold yellow finish, providing visual deterrence that accompanies their physical strength. When placed strategically in the center of a path, they leave ample room for both cyclists and pedestrians while preventing vehicle entry.

Premium Security

Collapsible bollards aren’t the only adjustable security option for bike paths. Removable bollards provide the same level of security and can be stored nearby if multiple units are required in a single location. When removable bollards are stored the ground sleeve for each unit can be either covered or temporarily filled for a flush surface, preventing cyclists and pedestrians from running into the exposed hole. By installing just a few TrafficGuard traffic bollards along your bike path, you significantly improve safety and security for the people who use it.

*TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)